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It's always nice keeping a record of some of the wonderful people we've had the pleasure of working with, in various guises and productions.

Here you'll find some fun pictures taken by well-wishers along with resident professional photographers such as the extremely talented Ron Milsom. So please take a peek and enjoy them as much as we did filming them.

Eliza Carthy              Rick Wakeman              Rick Wakeman
The Eliza Carthy Concert                         Rick Wakeman Lincoln Cathedral     Rick Wakeman "RAINBOW" Symphony

Adam Adamant                  Leo Sayer              Cherokee Rose
Adam Ant Live from the Apollo                  Leo Sayer on tour                                     Cherokee Rose Band

Steve Rothery              Blackheart              Sad Cafe
Steve Rothery Band                                  Blackheart Band                                        The - Sad Cafe

Mari Wilson              Lela CD Launch Evening              John Verity
Mari Wilson                                                Lela CD Launch Evening                          British Blues - with JV

Mojo Rocket              Charlie Melrose              The ROOM. Live from the Robin 2
Mojo Rocket                                             Charlie Melrose EP Launch                       The ROOM. Live from the Robin 2

Behind The Scenes
Postcards from the road