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Tony Sims

Tony is one of our key cameramen on all corporate and musical filming requirements. Tony also offers his skills in vision-mixing, along with being our technical advisor.

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Chris Grout-Smith

Chris is versatile in DSLR camera work as well as video camera work. His years of professional film making and photography add a great dimension in all our live event filming.

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Harvey Birrell

Experienced sound engineer and soundtrack restorer. Harvey comes in to record live events and also 'mix' soundtracks to artist' requirements. He works extensively in the music business with many a leading music artist.

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Jane Tarrant

Jane looks after our admin and finance, along with being our in-house post production supervisor.

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Henry Coleman

Henry is our co producer and director, as well as being one of the camera team. His knowledge of the film industry and the corporate sector are a complete bonus to our crew.

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Paul Osbourne

Paul works as one of our key camera operators. Years of professional film making make him a treasured asset to our team.

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Kieran Groves

Kieran is our most youthful member of the team. Regularly he helps out with a little camera work and as a production assistant. It's always nice to nurture and help create new talent; and as Kieran shows early talent with great enthusiasm then there's always a place for him here!

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James Burnett

James is our Aerial film photographer and has loved technology, gadgets, music, film and photography since his father purchased him a secondhand Nikon stills camera way back in the days of actual film inside a camera. He moved on to creating movies with a Betamax camera, doing music videos with the bands he was in and selling photographs to family and friends. James was one of the early adapters of “flying cameras” and has continued to upgrade his drone equipment, gain certification and take pretty pictures in the air. He lives in Kent with his wife and two children.

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Alan Lewis

The initial Skooch Media website was developed by Alan and he has overseen its continued growth to the present day format. Alan ensures that the website content remains current, relevant and easy to find whilst offering a good representation of our completed projects.

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